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Commodity and Specifications:

One Set Only BRAUSSE Automatic Diecutting and Creasing Machine
With Blanking and Stripping Device

Model: 1060ER

1060ER Blanker


Maximum Sheet Size : 1060×760 mm
Minimum Sheet Size : 400×350 mm
Maximum Cutting Size : 1060×745 mm
Inner Chase Size : 1080×770 mm
Stock Range : 90 g/m2
– Paper (depending on quality), min. : 90 g/m2
– Board (depending on quality), up to (*) : 1000 g/m2
– Corrugated Board, up to (*) : 4 mm
(*) Carton acceptable wrap: 2% of the width wise sheet
Minimum Gripper Margin : 9~17 mm
Cutting Rule Height : 23.8 mm
Minimum Width of Double Cuts : 5 mm
Maximum Mechanical Speed : 6500 cycles/hour (subject to working environment, sheet quality and operation skills, etc.)
Designed Maximum Mechanical Speed : 7500 cycles/hour
Maximum Cutting Pressure : 260 tons
Maximum Pile Height at Feeder – Normal Mode : 1800 mm
Maximum Pile Height at Feeder – Non-stop Mode : 1520 mm
Maximum Pile Height at Delivery : 1580 mm
Total Power Required : 26 kw
Main Motor Power : 15 kw
Main Motor Power : 15 kw
Net Weight of Machine : 22000 kg
Gross Weight of Machine : 25000kg
Machine Dimensions : 9249(L)x6036(W)x2640(H) mm (incl. Catwalk)

The Machine is complete with:


• Three pick up and four forward suck heads with angle adjustment to handle different kinds of materials
• Preloading device with rail cart and scaled gate
• Manually side adjustment of pallet table (+/- 40 mm)
• Non-stop feeder with automatic pile lift
• Side blowers adjustable according to sheet size for smooth feeding, especially for smooth thin paper transport

Feed Table

•  Sheet slow down device of feeder belts to assure accurate position of the sheet to the front lays (electro-pneumatically adjustable)
• Synchronizing device to adjust the sheet positioning to the front lay by hand during production
• Covered with an anti-static stainless steel plate
• Feed table inlet equipped with lateral ramps
• Four individually or in pair left, right adjustable front lays with dial read out at the operation side of the machine
• Ultra sonic double sheet detector (without contact)
• Sheet hold-down device (guiding the sheets to the front lays)
• Upper frame with manual lifting device
• Pull and push convertible side lays ( OS and OOS ) with photo sensor sheet arrival control

Die Cutting Section

• Precision worm gear crank toggle driving system to ensure smooth and dynamic lower platen movement
• Short stroke movable platen, driven by eccentric worm gear and toggle mechanism allows large motion angle hence minimum number and size of nicks at reasonable max. production speed
• Precision stationery upper platen
• State-of-art 3 cam index gripper bar drive system to ensure smooth and precise gripper bar intermittent movement
• Pneumatic clutch/brake for main drive system
• Motorized cutting force setting by push button
• Digital strain gauge die cutting pressure tonnage display at HMI with adjustable pressure limit protection
• Eight high precision alloy gripper bar
• High quality pre-stretched gripper bar drive chain
• Torque limit safety clutch to protect the index drive system in case of gripper bar crash
• Double cam driven gripper opener and front lay swing frame without position restore spring for smooth and accurate sheet register and take off
• Pneumatic push button die chase locking mechanism to ensure safe and operator friendly changing of the die
• 5mm hardened cutting plate or 4+1mm sandwich plate (optional) on top of 15mm precision synthetic supporting plate with +/-0.9mm micro adjustment for quick set up and make ready
• Automatic main chain greasing system

Stripping Section

• Complete set of stripping tools with upper and lower stripping pins
• Centre line system for quick stripping die set up
• Integrated Quick Locking System
• Automatic quick locking device for the upper tool integrated in the machine
• Funnel for waste guidance
• Most efficient and smooth cam running curve drives the stripping and blanking tooling with large motion angle to ensure clean and tiny stripping and blanking at speed

Blank Pile Delivery Section

• Automatic binder sheet inserter with electrical sheet presence control
• Automatic selection of suction cups according to the sheet size
• Constant compression level system (NCT)
• Continuous pile lowering whist maintaining a constant height of the pile
• Automatic pallet changing device
• Automatic non-stop device
• Waste or skeleton removal apron
• Integrated Quick Locking System
• Upper blanking tool mounting frame can be pulled out for quick job set up and make ready


•  Platform with safety barrier
•  Complete lost sheets control throughout the entire machine
•  Internet modem for online assistance by problems with electronics
•  CE certified
•  Emergency stop at arm length


• One upper chase with quick locking (T-103.001)
• One 5mm hardened cutting plate
• One lower stripping pull-out frame (T-230.001)
• One set of stripping tools, including crossbars, pins and supports (T-235.001)
• One universal lower tool for Angle Lock System (T-340.001), including
• The universal frame (T-340.002)
• The material required to mount the blanking grid


Independent of the fact whether the machine is placed on ground level or above a cellar, or on a floor, the own oscillation of the carrying floor, including the weight of the machine, must be over 25 Hz. Only a structural engineer is capable to judge whether the floor is in accordance with the needed values, as stated in our floor plan. Only he can be responsible for this.


• Side chase loader
• Extra die chase with centre line and quick locking system
• Extra 5 mm die cutting plate
• Extra 4 mm die cutting plate (for 1 mm system)
• Extra 1 mm die cutting plates (minimum package=10)
• Full sheet delivery
• Antistatic device with 2 blowers and 1 bar at feeder entrance


• 1 Year Warranty
• Side chase loader
• Extra die chase with centre line and quick locking system
• Local installation and training from factory trained engineers