Offers corrugated manufacturers a more economical way to measure liner moisture levels

Valmet has introduced a new scanner, Valmet IQ Converting Scanner, for corrugated board. It is a long-awaited addition to Valmet’s quality management control concept for corrugators and other board converting machines.

“IQ Converting Scanner offers corrugated board manufacturers a more economical way to measure liner moisture levels. It enables the use of Valmet IQ CD/MD controls in corrugators, resulting in higher quality as well as improved productivity,” says Mikko Talonen, Business Manager, Automation, Valmet.

Valmet scanner

The IQ Converting Scanner can be easily installed in different process locations, thanks to its innovative sensor support technology. The scanner enables direct moisture measurements to be positioned in an optimum process location from a quality and performance point of view. The new scanner, with online moisture measurement, enables the utilisation of machine and cross-direction controls in converting machines. These control solutions improve and stabilise the end-product quality and allow operators to concentrate on quality management and production optimisation.