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PL – BD Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

Functions & Features

• Pre-pressing paper feeding is applied to ensure stable fedding;
• Thin blade cutting (thickness is only 1mm) is applied. Automatic and manual grinding wheels are equipped for dringing, so as to keep cutter sharp and ensure smoothness and tidiness of the cutting paperbaord.
• After pre-pressing and parting cut, paperboard will be pressed to meet requirements. Impression is free of crack;
• Thin cutter can be supplied to improve production line of corrugated board.




Model 2500 3000
Suitable board width (mm) 2400 2900
Max machine speed (m/min) 141 141
Blades NO 4 4
Min slitting width (mm) 200 200
Min creasing width (mm) 30 30
Blade diameter (mm) 200 200
Blade thickness (mm) 1.2 1.2
Motor power (kw) 4 4
Weight (kg) 3000 3000
Dimensions (mm) 2630x1791x1130 3050x1791x1130


pl-bd-creaser-slitter-machine CREASER SLITTER SCORER MACHINE

The machine can complete the operation of trimming and scoring of corrugated paperboard at a time.

 pl-bd-eccentric-slotter ECCENTRIC SLOTTER MACHINEThe machine is applied for corrugated paperboard slotting and angle cuttin. Being convenient for operation, it is an ideal equipment for making small batches of cartons or samples


pl-bd-stitching-machine STITCHING MACHINE

It is applicable for all kind of nail boxes of corrugated board.


Slitter Crease