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PL – DX2800 Semi Auto Stitching Machine

Functions & Features

• Speeding semi-auto stitcher can nails 350 times at one minute, It takes one or two minutes to change size.
• The user interface is easy to operate, no training is necessary.
• Single, double and fortified nail can be nailed at one time, it suits for different types of customers on the requirement of nails.
• Counter in the feeding part can set the number of the pack; the box will come out in pack.
• The bench adopts the automatically system to control the bench lifting and descending which can be automatically lifted and des-scended in accordance with the height of paper stacking.
• All the bearings from the important parts of the machine except the ball-bearings uses Japan brands, such as IKO, NSK etc.
• Speeding semi-auto stitched is a high speed operation and highly efficiency of the nail moulding cartons machine. It can promotes product output efficiency and expands the capacity, also proves more flexible production scheduling for the producer, and save time, materials and labour costs at the same time.