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PL – K1 Rotary Slotter Scorer and Coner Cutter Machine

Functions & Features

• Combined slotter, scorer, slitter, corner cutter function.
• Main motor variable-frequency convert/drive (Korea LG Brand) control. Step-less speed adjusting, save power.
• Automatic electricity overload or phase lose protection.
• (Front and back side) phase digital display. (Front and back side) Jog adjust.
• Whole machine using expansion sets tight links for long service life.
• Six axis with liner guider and four linking boards to guarantee moving smoothly.
• Carbon steel gears grinding with high frequency quenching for long life service.
• Automatic circulation oil spray lubrication to make sure all gears lubrication well.
• Open-able tempered glass door, easy maintenance.
• Three minutes order change. Sudden stop button. Double up and down creasing wheels. Four link boards.
• Roller with hard chrome plating. Engraved with groove. Sudden stop button.



Model 1525 1530
Max Speed (pcs/min) 70 70
Max Feed Size (LxW)(mm) 1430×2500 1430×3000
Min Feed Size (LxW)(mm) 650×350 650×350
Board thickness (mm) 2-11 2-11
Slotting width (mm)
7 7
Corner cutting width (mm) 45 45
Max slot depth (mm) 300 300
Min Slotting Size Slotting Type R(mm) 150x150x150x150 170x170x170x170
Slotting Type L(mm) 230x60x230x60 240x70x240x70
Total power
4 4