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PL – Y4 Lead Edge Feeder Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter Stacker

Functions & Features

• Applied variable frequency drives control suction volume, suitable for bent boards.
• Main servo motor with frequency control, much faster, precise also with start delay protection function.
• With newest double screws for the slotting unit, softly and smoothly, much precise.
• Servo motor speed compensation system with anvil roll compensation ranges +/- 3mm for normal corrugated boards.
• All units user expansion sets tight link to reduce abrasion of the shaft. keep precision of machine for long years.
• All gears with alloy steel carton treatment, precision grinded 40Cr alloy.
• While machine equipped with high-precision ball lead screw.
• Anilox roller with fast roller shaft structure, quick change much convenient and flexible for users.
• Boards guide wheels adjust with fast lock and unlock design, save time.




Model 0920 1224 1424 1428 1828 1832
Max Speed (pcs/min) 300 250 200 180 150 130
Max Feed Size (LxW)(mm) 2100×880 250×1200 2500×1450 2900×1450 2900×1750 3300×1750
Skip Feed Size (LxW)(mm) 2100×1200 2500×1500 250×1750 2900×1750 2900×2000 3300×2000
Min Feed Size (LxW)(mm) 700×260 700×300 700×380 700×380 700×450 700×450
Max Print Size (LxW)(mm) 2000×880 2400×1200 2400×1430 2800×1430 2800×1750 3200×1750
Standard Studio Thickness (mm) 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2
Max slot depth (mm) 225 270 300 300 350 350
Min Slotting Size Slotting Type R(mm) 150x150x150x150 170x170x170x170 170x170x170x170 170x170x170x170 170x170x170x170 170x170x170x170
Slotting Type L(mm) 230x60x230x60 240x70x240x70 240x70x240x70 240x70x240x70 240x70x240x70 240x70x240x70
Die-cutting knife height (mm) 25.4 25.4 25.4 25.4 25.4 25.4




• Four axis with dust suction system lead edge feeder. Suction blower.
• Main motor with frequency control and with start delay protection function
• Applied frequency control suction volume due todifferent boards sizes.
• Motorized left and right stopper with compupter control.
• Boards dust suction volume due to different boards sizes.
• Motorized left and right stopper with computer control.
• Boards dust suction optional on top.
• Entire machine with electric auto BACK-TO-ZERO set.
• Normal & skip feeding both available.
• With 1000+ order savved memory storage.
• With ink shortage alarm device, ink shortage, stop feeding.
• All gears with alloy steel carton treatment, precision grinded 40Ci alloy, hardness 60 -63 degree.
•  Main bearings, use NSK NTN FAG etc. Others using chinese top quality like HRB TR etc.


• All rollers with hard chrome plating, do balancing correction.
• Adopt 3 x 10mm printing plate mounting system with foot pedal switch to control cylinder rotation. (full and half roll mount available.)
• Pressure for 3ply 5ply 7ply boards manual adjusted. Servo motor phase adjusting (360 degree) and cylinder lateral moving (+/-16mm)
• Anilox roller adopt high precision hard chrome coated anilox roll(ceramic roller optional.)
• Rubber roller adopt high quality rubber with crowning treatment, ink performance better. (Doctor blade optional.)
• Anilox roller up and down is matching with feeding system automatically.
• With ink shortage alarm device, ink shortage, feeding stop.
• Position/Registration adopt brake motor control, auto back to zero function.
• With registration fixed function when sudden stop or units apart, the cylinder position will remained the same.
• All units use expansion sets tight link to reduce abrasion of the shaft. To keep precision of the machine for long years.

• Motorized with PLC, Digital Input Adjusting.
• Slotting cutter holder lateral movement adopts double screw with linear guide.
• Single shaft with double blades structure.
• Phase adjustment with Taiwan servo motor 360 degree, electrical with touch screen and PLC.
• With Self-Lubricating wear-resisting orientation block to ensure line press wheel, slotting knife wheel, boards guide creaser correct and increase durability.
• Surface of knife shaft and creaser shaft are hard chrome coated and second time re-precision grinding.
• Middle knife movable, can produce two-pieces stitch boxes.
• Spring tube flap cutting design for 3ply, 5ply, 7ply
• Position/Registration with magnetic brake structure, when machine apart, the knife position remain the same.
• Aluminium alloy punching device optional,
• Spraying type circulating lubrication system. Oil automatic balancing to same level.


• Motorized with PLC, Digital Input Adjusting.
• Anvil roller attached with re-guiding system to keep anvil cover surface smooth.
servo motor speed compensation system to keep anvil roll speed always the same with die cutting roller. To ensure die cutting accuracy.
• Anvil roller is bush design, motorized & computer control lateral moving available.
• Die cutting Anvil cover with interlocking design, convenient to replace and change. Equipped with waste conveyor system.
• With PC control for lateral moving, digital display, left and right move +/-10mm, can be set on the PLC screen by finger input.