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PL – ZX2600 Semi Auto Folder Gluer Machine

Functions & Features

• This machine has reasonable design, a novel and smooth appearance, flexible, simple, convenient and swift operation, and strong practicability.
• Its paper-placing platform has electric-eye control and automatic lifting, saving manpower.
• Its midsection is equipped with an automatic neat-patting device, effectively preventing bonding an carton from having a phenomenon of “scissors fork”
• Its midsection’s neat-patting guard and its back section paper-collecting platform involve electric adjustment, with an overall lifting synchronizing.
• Its sticking setting part equipped with pressing axle, which cooperates with belt so strengthen a setting effect.
• Its electric-control part is equipped with a total-calculating display function; its rear section can count automatically, setting the number (1-20 sheets) of the finished products for automatic piling and output, which is easy to tie up and bale.
• Its switches and buttons are of the Schnelder brand, and its photoelectric switches are of Taiwanese brands, which are steady, reliable and durable; its main drive motor is a Taiwan-made speed-reducing motor; its lifting motor, gearbox and air blower are of domestic high-quality brands.
• The process from the bonding of semi-finished products to the baling and putting of finished products only needs two persons, with easy and simple operation and saving labour costs.



Model 2600 Unit
Max. feeding size 2600×1300 mm
Min. feeding size 240×300 Mm
Feeding height 1200 Mm
Stacking 800 Mm
Speed 45 m/min
Motor power 2.5 Kw
Weight 2000 Kg
Dimension 4800x2000x1800 Mm