Waste Paper Stripper Matrix Cutter Cutter/Lipper Bender Notcher
Nick Grinder Rule Puller Eco Winder Die CO-Ordinator

Model: MD-06

• Size: 1.2m(L)80.85(W)*0.85(H) Weight 145kg
• Max Capacity: For Steel rule with height 23.8mm & thickness 3pt
• Electric Voltage: Single Phase 220V or other options at request
• Function: This machine is designed for re-coiling steel rules with direction from clockwise to anti-clockwise, or vice verse, and also able to change from one diameter to another diameter


• Unique adjustment system guarantees that the steel rule coiling direction can be changed from clockwise to anti-clockwise. or vice versa.
• Special clampinf device ensures smooth re-coiling of steel rule. By inserting 4 pins to the correct holes marked with respective diameter, the steel rule can be re-recoiled with antoher diameter indicated (eg. Inner Diameter 270, 300, 320, 356, 380 & 400mm). Other diameter sizes are on request.
• Efficient & easy operaton ensure that anyone can handle this simple machine.
• Solid construction makes the machine running smoothly and steadily.
• Storage space inside the drawers.
• Fancy outlook.

Eco Rewinder


• 1 Year Warranty
• Local installation and training from factory trained engineers