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Waste Stripper

Model: JC701

JC701Eco-Strip is a carton stripper allowing fast diecut waste removal from folding carton, E-flute and corrugated boards.Comparing with the    traditional manual waste stripping method, Eco-Strip enhances the working efficiency greatly.

When using Eco-Strip, the outside trim areas of folding carton cutting die must be installed with stripping rules, and use Eco-Nick to grind nicks; otherwise the stripping result will be affected.

• Motor Max. speed : 6000 r/min.
• Air pressure : 7.5 bar.
• Size : (L)350×(W)230×(H)160mm.
• Weight : 2.75kg.

• Powerful pneumatic motor guarantees smooth stripping.
• Solid and rigid steel construction.
• Stripping waste with maximal efficiency.
• Extremely safe, easy and comfortable to operate.
• The hardened-steel stripping wheel guarantees longer lifetime.

Field of Application & Work Stations
• Eco-Strip is designed for the sole purpose of clearing waste of carton boxes.
• Eco-Strip is a manual device. After connecting to air pump, press the rotary switch for normal operation.
• Eco-Strip is to be installed and operated in a post-processing waste stripping area.

Operation Diagrams

Waste Stipper

Product Functions Explanation

• This device is specially designed for the universal use of removal of large & small segment waste from diecut sheets with no damage to the carton blanks, which can improve the gluer productivity.
• Pneumatic driven, environmental friendly, safe and reliable
• Conforms to Oriental hand shape, which can be moved flexibly and lightly.
• Scientific design stripping wheel, effectively reduces the unreasonable contacts with paper
• The powerful pneumatic motor enables stripping to be handier
• Enhances the efficiency of stripping greatly, reduces stripping personnel, and saves time


Waste Stripper

Model CH-2P(SY-WS-CH-2P)(left)


Waste Stripper

Model: CH3P right

• The stripper is only designed for the sole purpose of cleaning waste of cardboard, E-flute and regular corrugated board, not available for other application.
• 200g/-500g/ solid board, single/double corrugated board, laminated double coating corrugated board are available of paper range.

Product Functions & Features


• The stripper is only designed for the sole purpose of cleaning waste of cardboard, E-flute and regular corrugated board.Stripper achieved high-speed cycle working through air motor to drive tooth chain, chaff tooth will be used to tick off and clear up waste deckle edge.

Product Feature:

• The stripper is a high- efficient manual tool ,compared with the traditional stripper’s method by hammer, stripper could improve the speed at least above 5-10 times.
• Compact structure, light-weight design and easy operation;male or female operator could handle it through a simple training.
• The stripper’s power cause by air motor, thus safe operation and long productive life.
• Stripper’s tooth chain with high strength alloy steel which using advanced heat treatment technology, high hardness, strong abrasive resistance and long working life


• 1 Year Warranty
• Local installation and training from factory trained engineers