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Eterna Handfed Platen ML 680 GF

Eterna ML680GF_product_info_ENG



Stationary bed size 746 x 555 mm
Inner chase size 675 x 485 mm
Honey comb available size 700 x 514 mm
Max. sheet size 706 x 535 mm
Voltage 380 V / 3-phase / 50 Hz
Total power 12 kW
Total power 0-200oC
Max. mechanical speed 15-30 cycles / minute (inverter control variable speed)
Maximum cutting force 60 t
Motor 2,2 kW, 6 P
Machine dimensions 1430 (W) x 1470 (L) x 1700 (H) mm
Net weight 2300 kg

• The ML680GF machine is delivered with the European safety certificate CE.

The machine is complete with:

• Central lubrication system
• Open and close dwell timer, close dwell timer compensation
• Single and continuous run selective operation mode
• Flywheel cranking handle
• Complete set of safety guard including safety touch bar and foot stop bar
• Electro/magnetic spring loaded clutch/brake
• Dual micrometer infinite impression adjustment
• AC inverter speed control
• CE certified safety guard and CE certified electrical

Standard accessories

• One stationary die chase
• One 5 mm hardened cutting plate (HRC 43)
• One set of tools

One set foil stamping system

• 2-draw and 2-rewind programmable foil puller (the foil advancing step on each draw is individually programmable with the thumb wheel switch control pad)
• One heating base with 2 heating zones (the temperature of each zone is individually controlled at control console)
• One honeycomb base with die locking toggle fixtures (S, M, L – each 5 pcs.)
• One control console for temperature control and foil advancing program
• One set air blast unit for foil separation


• 1 Year Warranty
• Local installation and training from factory trained engineers