Komfi Amiga Komfi Delta Komfi Sagitta

Delta Single Sided

Compact automated laminator designed for lamination of middle-sized and larger orders up to B2 format.
Robust and reliable solution for on demand and commercial lamination, suitable for nonstop run.

Feeding Section

• Automatic feeding head driven by servo-motor.
• Mechanical elements of feeding head and system of feeding rollers and swing stops for accurate feeding of single sheet.
• System of guiding plates to strengthen thin paper before lamination.
• The sensor indicating misfed sheet to prevent the film from sticking to the pressure roll.

Laminating Section

• Film unwinding with side regulation, mechanical brake and adjustable distribution roll.
• Fast heating of laminating roll using dry filling-free method.
• The temperature in three zones of the laminating rolls is separately controlled using advanced PID regulation.
• Sheet overlap electronically set, being able to be changed even during the machine run.
• A wide range of operating parameters entered via touch screen.
• Pneumatic thrust adjustable on both ends of the pressure roll.

Snapping & Stacking Section

• Adjustable decurling bar for sheet straightening after the lamination making their consequent stacking easier.
• The sheet separation is ensured by means of adjustable snapping roll together with cutting knives and skewing wheel.
• Sheet stacking onto tilting unloading table, jogging table or automatic stacker.




• 1 Year Warranty
• Local installation and training from factory trained engineers