WPE 1100 WPS WPS-L WP Master

WPE 1100

Laterally shiftable delivery table:

• Easy access for film reel changes
• Perfect access to the cross cutter

Unlimited flexibility

• With an unmatched number of specialist options.

Suction cylinder chemically nickel plated

• Cleanser resistant
• Minimal wear of vacuum holes
• Minimal risk of scratches on the film

Maintenance-free vacuum

• Belt transfer system
• No vacuum channels
• No vacuum tubes
• No filters required
• No adjustment required

Digital input of film length by

• means of direct servo-drive for film  feed. No exchange parts required.

Doctor blade glue system

• with moveable side scrapers, fully  splash guarded. Integrated cleaning  and glue removing unit allows cleaning within 2 minutes.


• Timed belt feeder with alloy stacklifters for precise and reliable blank feed. Perfect for cardboard and corrugated.

Adjustment on the fly

• Easy and accurate synchronisation of glue pattern and film application – including during the run
• Less waste
• Less downtime




• 1 Year Warranty
• Local installation and training from factory trained engineers