WPE 1100 WPS WPS-L WP Master


Suction Cylinder

• Chemically nickel plated
• Tooled steel inserts for suction holes (optional)
• Cleanser-resistant
• Minimal wear
• Minimal risk of scratches on the film


• Laterally movable delivery ensures better ergonomics when mounting heavy film reels or working on the cutting station

Patented mono-suction belt

• Ensures excellent flatness of the blanks (even when curved). The best application tolerance for the film, both in running and lateral direction
• Maintenance-free air suction system (no vacuum channels or filters)

Chain Station

• Intelligent adjustment-free jam monitoring, safe and time-saving


• Electronically controlled timed belt feeder series BFP. A further development of the most sold feeder in the world (Series BF)
• Automatic compensation of the feeder timing in case of changing friction or belt wear
• Feeding length adjustment via teach-in-button with only one blank. It does not get any easier

Graphics user guidance via touch panel

• Film lenght adjustment via digital input, and during machine operation
• Automatic position alignment of cutting cylinder, suction cylinder case of cycle change and change of film lenght reduces set-up times
• Defined machines stop postition avoids operating errors and reduces standstill times

Gluing unit

• Cleaning in two minutes by means of the integrated cleaning system
• Full splash gaurd



• 1 Year Warranty
• Local installation and training from factory trained engineers