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Commodity and Specifications:

One Set Only BRAUSSE Folding Gluing Machine
Model: TC3200 – C3 (pre folding, straight line cartons & crash lock)

TC 3200 C3


Max. Sheet Size : 3200 mm W × 1300 mm L
Min. Sheet Size : 450 mm W × 150 mm L
Max. Belt Speed : 260 m/min
Overall Length : 23095 mm
Overall Height : 2400 mm
Overall Width : 4400 mm
Main Motor : 30 KW
Conveyor Motor : 3.75 KW
Max Pumping Capacity : 0.7m3/min
Total Weight : about 35 T

260m/min is the maximum belt speed the machine can reach when it is idle running. Actual working speed is subject to paper thickness, size, shape, quality and working environment, etc.

This machine is completed with:

Feeder Section

•  Eight individual adjustable wide feeder belts (40mm) and four of which have holes with suction feeding system ensure easy setup and smooth feeding.
•  Designated A/C motor with micro-adjustable variable speed controller, synchronized with the main machine speed by ratio when operate in AUTO mode
•  Two standard feeder gates (40mm or 1.57’’wide)
•  Air cylinder feeding gauge lifting mechanism makes easy adjustment of feeder belts.
•  Two motorized side guides can be raised up pneumatically to move over the feeder belts.
•  The feeder plates (L: 824mm; W: 56mm) can be moved manually sideways and locked with a handle.
•  Two supporters & two roller supporters sustain the pile of blanks for perfect feeding.
•  The backstop system is pneumatically locked during production and unlocked when setting forwards/backwards. The setting has to be done manually.

Side-alignment section

•  Additional two-carrier section between Feeder and No.1 folding section, adjustable sideways motorized.
•  The blanks will be squared after feeding along the 1740mm long side-alignment section. It can be chosen on to the right, or to the left hand side.
•  50mm wide flat belts in the section, two upper carriers can be moved pneumatically up and down.

N.1Oo & No.2 Folding section

•  Three-carrier construction.
•  35mm wide flat belts in the section, upper carrier self-driving system and pneumatic pressing system applied.
•  Top carriers with reinforced tops throughout for mounting accessories, adjustable with one single pinwrench. This allows faster setup and makes the machine more ‘user friendly’.
•  Safety door at both sides of the section.

Gluing System (2 Gun HHS Medium Pressure Cold Glue System included)

•  Electronic gluing system is not included but must be chosen as an optional.

Final fold section

•  Three-carrier construction.
•  Left and right outward folding belts are independently adjustable via A/C motor to perfectly align folding panels.
•  Upper carrier self-driving system and pneumatic pressing system applied.
•  The upper carriers are 2470mm long.
•  35mm wide upper belts; 70mm wide lower belts in both left and right sides; 35mm wide belts in the middle; 80mm wide left and right outward folding belts.
•  Extended upper carrier ensure the smooth running with widen boxes
•  All through in working direction are segments with rolls mounted at the side of lower carrier, independent adjustable sideways.

Heavy duty double frame trombone section

• The 1620mm long trombone section locates with two upper and lower carriers of sandwich belts.
•  Upper and lower transport belts 60mm wide.
•  Upper and lower carrier can be slid back and forth by motor.
•  Electronic batch counter controlled kicker for small box, marker for big box.
•  Jam detector.
•  Pneumatic stopper device with sensor is applied for making the front flap aligned.

Conveyor compression section

•  Two operation modes of compressing belt speed:
–  Auto – set a box single spacing, compressing belt speed is synchronized with the machine speed. It moves only when sensor detects the box coming.
–  Manual – compressing belt keeps moving at a constant speed, regardless of main machine speed.
•  3-belt induction device is adjusted by motor.
•  Additional sponge belt for extra compression of lower area.
•  Air-cylinder controlled pneumatic conveyor pressing system.
•  Two operation modes of conveyor body:
–  Air cylinder controlled up & down system makes the blank fully pressed, avoiding box shape changing back after stopper process.
– Slanting conveyor structure with squaring device for blank correcting.
•  The upper part of conveyor has a length of 4300mm; the lower part has a length of 6800mm.


•  One pinwrench adjustment operation throughout the machine, operator friendliness.
•  Reinforced upper and lower belt for running corrugated box, positive drive.
•  Position indicator throughout the machine.
•  Motorized carrier positioning system applied.
•  All transport flat belts are 35mm wide.
•  Linear rail system at all carriers (upper/lower carriers and feeder plates)
•  Overall upper carrier self-driving system and pneumatic pressing system applied for corrugated board.
•  The upper carriers are made of aluminum with T-shape grooves in working direction. In this grooves it is possible to install and uninstall holding bars.
•  Air-cylinder controlled pneumatic pressing system on conveyor section.
•  Touch screen for control panel.
•  Stock range: Cardboard 250-800gsm; Corrugated board: E – AB flute.


•  1 Year Warranty
•  Local installation and training from factory trained engineers