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Folder Gluer Brausse TB1450

Brausse TB1450_product_info_ENG



Power / Air:  

• Power voltage 400 V / 50 Hz
• Power supply for main motor 30 kW
• Power supply for additional motors 5, 5 kW
• Total power supply 55 kVa
• Air supply / consumption 6 bar / 700 l pro Min
• The compressed air quality must be according to ISO 8573/1:
• Filtration on solid parts Class 4
• Filtration on oil Class 4
• Dry air Class 4

General specifications:  

• Material solid board up to 800 g/m2
• Corrugated up to A-Flute
• Trombone section max. belt speed 280 m/min
• Max. belt speed: 180 m/min
• Overall length 19390 mm
• Overall height 2000 mm
• Overall width 2400 mm
• Total net weight 15 t



Straight line:  

A 165-1450 mm
140-1450 mm with small box device
B 70-1100 mm
C 95-710 mm
D minimum 12 mm






Lock bottom:  

A 200-1425 mm
B 150-1000 mm
C minimum 80 mm
D minimum 40 mm
E minimum 80 mm
F minimum 30 mm


• Changes in construction preserved
• The machine Brausse TB1450 is delivered with the European CE certificate.

Highlights of all Brausse machines:


• All electrical components are from self-brand names such as Omron and Telemechanique
• All PLC controls are from Mitsubishi
• All operating software in the local language

Feeder section:

• Adjustable separate tension on each belt
• Eight individual adjustable feeder belts (40mm*1700mm). Four of these belts are with holes with suction feeding system
• Cleaning brushes for the feeder belts
• One speed control pulley for small box even for even spacing; timing feeder with an eccentric device for up and down when producing big box, maximum feeding belt speed synchronizes with main machine speed.
• Feeder start/stop can be controlled at all operator stations
• Two standard feed gates (30 mm wide) and one supporting feed gates (30 mm wide) for long, small boxes
• Air cylinder feeding gauge lifting mechanism makes easy adjustment of feeder belts.
• Two motorized side guides can be raised up pneumatically to move over the feeder belts.
• Short and long carriers for transport in the pre-breaker
• Four adjustable side plates
• Vibration system in feeder
• Suction feeding system

Long pre-breaking system:

• Belt pre-brake system on the right side
• Guide pre-brake system on the left side
• Belt pre-brake system on the left side (standard on 4 and 6 corner option)
• Guide pre-brake system on the right side (standard on 4 and 6 corner option)
• Special long pre-breaking section for long corrugated blanks.
• Three carriers with split upper carriers in pre-breaking section. This allows special compound folds such as interior, Z folds (pre-breaking sword can be put at the left side only)
• Manual carrier positioning system
• Top carriers have reinforced tops throughout for mounting accessories, which are single pin wrench adjustments
• Two upper and lower belt carriers
• Both sides big and strong pre-break device for corrugated board.

Folding section:

• Three belt carriers
• Speed adjustment for left and right fold belt
• Entrance of the upper belt carrier adjustable in height
• Top belt can be lifted

Gluing system:

• Upper gluing wheel for lock bottom (8mm)
• Lower gluing wheel system (8 mm)
• Left and right lower gluing system

Final folding section:

• Three-carrier construction.
• Folding guides and rollers can be mounted on middle carrier.
• One handle makes belt speed adjustable on both sides’ carriers.
• Loosening only two bolts can change position of belt guide wheel.
• Upper carrier driving system and air cylinder pressing system applied for corrugated board.
• Extended upper carrier can be mounted on the middle carrier for corrugated box.
• 45° roller pressing device

Heavy duty double frame trombone section:

• Batch counter kicker
• Upper and lower carrier can be slid back and forth
• Jam detector
• Stopper (Squaring) device

Compression section:

• Two operation modes of compressing belt speed:
1. Auto – set a box single spacing, compressing belt speed is synchronized with the machine speed. It moves only when sensor detects the box coming.
2. Manual – compressing belt keeps moving at a constant speed, regardless of main machine speed.
3. -belt induction device is adjustable in the side by motor.
• Sponge belt for extra compression of lower area.
• Air-cylinder controlled pneumatic conveyor pressing system.
• Two operation modes of conveyor body:
• Air cylinder controlled up & down system makes the blank fully pressed, avoiding box shape changing back after stopper process.
• Compressing range 200mm.


• One pin wrench adjustment.
• Reinforced upper and lower belt for running corrugated box, positive drive.
• Three way quick release levers to allow instant height settings of top carriers.
• It is very easy to clear jams and running E or B, A flute cartons.
• Position indicator throughout the machine.
• Motorized carrier positioning system
• Electronic batch counter and kicker.
• Air-cylinder controlled pneumatic pressing system on conveyor section.
• Touch screen control panel.
• Remote control
• Easy one-hand carrier position adjustment
• Belt speed detecting encoder on the belt drive shaft


• 1 years warranty
• 5 days training for operating personnel included
• Local installation and training from factory trained engineers