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TA 900 C3 II / C4 + C6II

Commodity and Specifications:

One Set Only BRAUSSE Folding Gluing Machine

Model: Brausse 900-C6

ta900c6 final


Maximum Sheet Size : 900 mm W × 800 mm L
Minimum Sheet Size : 126 mm W × 60 mm L
: 76 mm W × 60mm L (Small Box Folding Device Applied as Optional)
Maximum Cutting Size : 320 m/min
Overall Length : about 12m
Overall Height : about 1600 mm
Overall Width : about 2100 mm
Main Motor : about 32 kw
Max Pumping Capacity : 0.7m3/min
Total Weight : about 7 tons

※ 320m/min is the maximum belt speed the machine can reach when it is idle running. Actual working speed is subject to paper thickness, size, shape, quality and working environment, etc

Feeder Section

• Eight individual adjustable feed belts ensure easy setup and smooth feeding.
• Designated A/C motor with micro-adjustable variable speed controller for even spacing of box blanks.
• Feeder start/stop can be controlled by remote controller at any operation area.
• Two standard feeder gates (30mm or 1.18’’ wide).
• Two short supporters with wheel and two long supporters sustain the pile of blanks for perfect feeding.
• Four adjustable side guides.
• Vibration system for smooth and consistent feeding.
• Belt cleaning brush with easy angle adjustment for better cleaning of belt surface to increase the feeding stability.
• Suction feeding system (Optional).

Side-Alignment Section (Optional)

Pre-Breaking Section

• Three carriers throughout with pre-breaking sword (180°)  at the left side and belt pre-break device (135°) on right side enables the pre-fold of the 1st and 3rd crease line to make final filling much easier.
• Sectional upper carrier combined with special design can be telescopically adjusted, no need to tension the belts, quick set up and job change over.
• UV grinder and vacuum suction system (Optional).
• Plasma surface treatment unit (Optional).

Lock Bottom Section

• Three-carrier construction with split upper carriers.
• Easy for mounting lock bottom accessories, more operator friendly.
• Sectional upper carrier has the same design function as the one in pre-breaking section, suitable for make special shape boxes.

Back Folding System

Servomotor controlled back folding system for 4/6-corner box:

• Two hook operation mode: there are two movement as #1 for short flap and #2 for long flap;
• #1 and # 2 back-fold shafts controlled individually;
• Photo blank detecting sensor can be mounted on any place;
• Easy to take off and put on the hook, one bolt only;
• Data entry keypad with digital display and the back folding system can be operated easily.

Gluing System

• One set mechanical (B-TYPE) lower gluing pot (left side) is specially designed not to splash glue during high speed production for easy maintenance.
• Electronic gluing system (with 2 guns or more) must be applied when making lock-bottom boxes (Optional).

Final Fold Section

• Three-carrier construction
• Left and right outward folding belts speed can be micro adjusted to increase folding accuracy.
• Extended the middle and upper carrier to stable the delivery for wide boxes.

Heavy Duty Double Frame Trombone Section

• Designated A/C motor with variable speed controller, synchronized with the main machine speed by ratio when operate in AUTO mode, and micro-adjustable when operate in MANUAL mode
• High speed electronic kicker counting system for easy production.
• Jam detector.
• Upper and lower belts can be telescopically adjusted for easy production run.
• All the adjustment of heavy duty double frame trombone section can be made by hand wheel or handle, no additional tool is needed.
• In-line kicker, which needs to be applied in line with quality inspection system (Optional).

Conveyor Compression Section

• Two operation modes of compressing belt speed:
1. Auto – set a box single spacing, compressing belt speed is synchronized with the machine speed by ratio. It moves only when sensor detects the box coming.
2. Manual – compressing belt keeps moving at a constant speed, regardless of main machine speed.
• Additional sponge belt for extra compression of lower area.
• Pneumatic pressing system for easy adjustment to increase the gluing effect.
• Either auxiliary conveyor or J-Packer can be applied to improve delivery efficiency (Optional).


• One pinwrench adjustment operation for most accessories, operator friendliness.
• Upper belt width 25mm, lower belt width 25mm.
• Position indicator throughout the machine.
• High speed electronic kicker counting system.
• Air-cylinder controlled pneumatic pressing system on conveyor section.
• Touch screen for control panel.
• Remote controller applied.


• 1 Year Warranty
• Side chase loader
• Extra die chase with centre line and quick locking system
• Local installation and training from factory trained engineers