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Nick Grinder Rule Puller Eco Winder Die CO-Ordinator


Rule Puller

Model: RP-1


• Eco-Pull is a manual device and the steel rules on the cutting board can be pulled vertically.
• When using Eco-Pull to replace steel rules, it assures that the gap of the board can be recycled for not being widened.
• Enhances work efficiency, assures operators of safety, and avoids personnel from injury due to inappropriately usage.
• Max. capacity : 3pt.
• Size : (L)100×(W)30×(H)410mm.
• Weight : 1.60kg.


• Solid aluminum-alloy construction, very light and fancy outlook.
• Grabbing rules without sliding like pincers.
• Pulling rules vertically and stably.
• Efficient and easy operation.
• Extremely safe and comfortable to operate.
• Replace able clamping jaws are made of hardened steel, ensuring longer lifetime

Field of Application & Work Stations

• Eco-Pull is designed for the sole purpose of pulling the steel rules required to be replaced on the cutting board. This tool is not suitable for other categories.
• Eco-Pull is to be operated in a die-room and used directly on the cutting board.

Operation Diagrams

Product Functions Explanation

• Pull steel rule vertically, so the board will not be damaged.
• Eight pins (foot) are movable, so it can be used in different cutting-die.
• During operation, hands should be kept away from the steel rule, so it can protect the hands from injury.
• The jaw is economic and durable, and it can be replaced easily.
• The machine can be operated easily by both left-handed and right-handed users.
• User-friendly design makes the operation more comfortable and safe. Special Lever Principle design assures both vertical pulling and personnel of safety.


• 1 Year Warranty
• Local installation and training from factory trained engineers