Anilox Rollers

Ceramic Anilox Roller

Zecher ceramic anilox rollers and sleeves are characterized by their precision, durability and reliability. Laser-engraved rollers and sleeves are at the heart of the flexo printng process and our brand has become the product of choice for many of the worlds’ leading press manufacturers.

Chrome Anilox Roller

The chrome roller corresponds to the original design of the anilox and consists of a steel or stainless steel roller base and mainly used in coatng. Compared to a ceramic roller, the surface is smoother and has beter release for this applicaton. As copper is very soft, the engraving is protected against abrasive wear (doctor blade) by chrome-platng the surface.

Anilox Roller Accessories

Wrap your printng rollers in a safe place: With Zecher’s protectve mats and covers, you protect your anilox rollers against external influences.

Protect your anilox sleeves from avoidable damage with sleeve cleaning adapters.

Anilox Roller Inspection

Regular anilox roller inspectons are essental to achieve optmum long-term printng results. Only through regular anilox roller testng and conditon analysis can you make your processes as economical as possible. With our offers for roller analysis, you get an overview and know exactly what your printng rollers are currently doing. We use modern measuring methods to assess the conditon of your anilox rollers for optmum print results.

Corrosion Protection

Like roller coating, surface finishings protect your anilox rollers from external effects. Zecher equip corrosion-risk sections of the anilox rollers using a 2-component coating system with a defined layering thickness that is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasions.

The Expoxy Resin Hardener System is a temperature and chemical-resistant surface finishing that will give your anilox rollers a high level of protection against corrosion and abrasion on diverse substrates, even in aggressive environments. Zecher provide further surface finishings for your anilox rollers such as hard chrome Plating and I.T.S® roller finishing.

Evolux – Laser Cleaning Machines

The Evolux laser cleaning machines are available in web widths of up to 1000, 1700, 2100, 2500 and 3000 mm and enable process-optimized cleaning of sleeves and solid rolls with a respective individual weight of 50 – 1000 kg. They fit perfectly into production processes, reducing the factors of time and cost in anilox roller reconditioning. It also improves print quality and enables longer reproducibility.

The small Evolux Smart laser cleaning machine is the portable version of its big sister. It is used in the areas of medium and wide web, cardboard and pulp printing as well as in coating and convinces with its simple operation, small size and integrated suction device.

Anilox Cleaning Solutions

Anilox Gel

A very powerful cleaner specifically developed for use during periodic deep cleaning of anilox sleeves and rollers that are contaminated with residues of water based or solvent based flexo inks, gravure inks or coatngs such as wax or dispersion residues. This product can be used for manual on press cleaning and to power up the deep cleaning process in an automatc washing system.

Corrugated Daily

For cleaning anilox rollers in corrugated box manufacturing. This product has been specially developed for the daily cleaning when working with a water based printng inks.

Periodic Deep Clean

An alkaline anilox cleaning product delivered as a concentrate for diluton with water before use and according to the applicaton. Diluton ratios range from 1:2 to 1:6, depending on the levels of cell blockage being experienced.


Anilox roller / sleeve cleaning product. This product can be used undiluted in anilox washing machines for UV and water based inks.

UV / Solv Daily MP

A high-quality liquid cleaner, used for manual washing and daily removal of UV and solvent based inks from anilox sleeves and rollers. Can also be used in the press for partial anilox cleaning combined with a micro fibre sponge for best results. This product can also be used for cleaning flexo printng plates either in bespoke equipment, or manually with a soft brush and cleaning paper. Daily MP dissolves the remains of UV and solvent based inks, left behind on the printng plates and is also ideal for cleaning machine parts.

Cleaning Sponges

Highly effective at removing stubborn ink partcles from aniloxes thanks to micro fibres that get into the fine cells, works particularly well when combined with a FLEXOVISION cleaning material.

Doctor Blades & Chamber Seals

Wing Lamella ®

Patented pre-honed doctor blades with extremely high printing definition such as tiny text, pictures, drawings etc. Featuring longer lamella life, slower and more uniform blade wear and reduced lamella bending with a nominal real working angle


A standard pre-honed doctor blade with excellent printing definition under all conditions, fully satisfactory ratio of lasting quality and a quick run-in time thanks to a rounded tip Mirror Edge®.


This straight bevel pre-honed doctor blade is ideal for high pressure working conditions (minimal blade deformation) making it perfect for short print lengths.

N-Round Edge

A rounded edge doctor blade with the highest rigidity makes it very long lasting. Run in time is relatively slow (depending on thickness) making it ideal for medium printing definition, full tones & when running course aniloxes.

Doctor Blade Cutter

This accessory is used to cut doctor blades of different sizes in a short time. It guarantees the precision and safety of the cut, easy to use with a millimeter scale that can be customized in size.


Flexo Seals
High precision seals manufactured to strict tolerances out of 5 different FOAM grades covering all applications and chamber designs for excellent ink sealing and extended lifespan.

Self Lubricating Seals
These revolutionary self lubricating seals are impregnated with a special oil to reduce friction and the solid rubber hard shell covering can withstand any working pressure.

Coated Seal
The special anti friction coating improves seal life by 3-4 times

Printing Sleeves

Coaxcyl Bridge Sleeve

Great productivity thanks to the rigid honeycomb structure & dampening layer. Smooth on press installation and quicker make readies due
to the unique design & ball valves.

Carbon Bridge Sleeve

Higher printing productivity thanks to the structural damping properties and exceptional rigidity. The durable construction and reduced weight is especially useful on high wall thicknesses.

Coaxcyl EM

Honeycomb based structure, for consistent print results, easy handling and reduced bounce thanks to the built in dampening features. Designed to last long, for ease of installation and improved make ready times.

Type R – Durable & Stable Thin Sleeve

Light and stable structure for consistent print results & very easy handling. Durable register slots designed for high usage that keep precise registration in the long run.

Axcylox – Anilox Protection Sleeve

The rough outer surface provides excellent manual handling and easy removal of anilox + Axcylox on the press. The rubber edge immobilises the Axcylox to protect the anilox face and a unique ID label simplifies traceability and identification of each anilox indicating the colour, volume and screen ruling.

Solvent / Water Recovery

Manual Recyclers

The LM-LMG models are designed to meet the needs of all companies that need to distill and recover polluted solvents from inks, pigments, oils or fats and have limited space. LM models use diathermic oil heating while LMG models feature a patented induction heating system.

Automatic Recyclers

The LMA-LMAG distillers are designed to meet the needs of larger companies wanting to recover solvents in bigger quantities through an automatic process. LMA models come with diathermic oil heating whilst the LMAG models are supplied with LM Green’s patented induction heating system.

Ultrasonic Washing Tanks

he SIRIUS washing tank is suitable for cleaning both small aniloxes and sleeves from the narrow web arena as well larger rollers from the wide web printing sector. Featuring an ultrasonic system composed of piezoelectric heads in submersible transducer modules that can be inserted individually on the bottom of the tank to eliminate downtime and greatly simplify maintenance.

Washing Tunnels

he SIRIUS washing tank is suitable for cleaning both small aniloxes and sleeves from the narrow web arena as well larger rollers from the wide web printing sector. Featuring an ultrasonic system composed of piezoelectric heads in submersible transducer modules that can be inserted individually on the bottom of the tank to eliminate downtime and greatly simplify maintenance.

Industrial Water Treatment

The IDRA model industrial water treatment plants are designed to meet the needs of all companies that need to treat polluted water from industrial processes and reuse them in the production cycle. It allows the separation of the pollutant from the water through a chemical-physical process, with flocculant powder, and filtration. The system is composed of a reaction tank where the separation and thickening of the pollutant in flakes takes place.

Cleaning Equipment

Basic Wash

A flexo plate cleaner available in 46-70-88 sizes, it is robust and extremely reliable. Equipped with two brushes (round and flat) and built-in recycler for the detergent and final rinse water.

Speedy & Fast Cleaners

These flexo plate washers are available in sizes from 46cm to 180cm to cover most industry sectors. Engineered for reliability, low maintenance and very low cost of ownership. Equipped with three brushes (two round and one flat) and built-in recycler for detergent and water for the final rinse. These cleaners are highly productive, feature maximum customization and are available in ATEX 2.

Vertical Fast

Vertical Fast has been designed and manufactured to wash very large photopolymer plates usually used in the paper and corrugated industries. The materials used for construction were chosen to guarantee the best protection against corrosion as all parts directly in contact with the chemi- cals are made entirely from the highest grade stainless steel. The structure allows an easy access to all the components and facilitates simple operation, inspection and maintenance procedures.

Anilox Cleaner Pro

High pressure anilox washer, made in sizes from 80cm right up to 400cm, suitable for any type of sleeve and/or monolithic anilox. The Anilox PRO is easy to use, very quick and allows washing of multiple aniloxes (optional). With the washing, rinsing and high-pressure drying steps, perfectly clean aniloxes are obtained every time with the utmost care.

Parts Washer SPW

This detergent based parts washer is made in three sizes 120-140-180cm and allows the washing of all parts related the prinTIng press and process. It is suitable for all types of inks such as water based, UV or solvent based. The SPW is equipped with a 200ltr capacity detergent recycler and a 100ltr capacity water recycler for rinsing (OpTIonal). The convenient stainless steel trolley on wheels allows for easy handling of all elements to be washed by one person. Also available in ATEX 2 version.

Anilox-Sleeve Trolley

Lightweight aluminium and steel structure make these trolleys easy to maneuver and being custom made they are available in different heights with either 8 or 10 anilox slots.

The Solutions Division

Alliance Machinery acquired CV Print and Pak in 2023, the new solutions division supplies packaging printers in Sub Saharan Africa with a range of high-quality products and consumables for print quality enhancement and consistency, process stability and overall press and plate performance management.
Together, Brad, Chris and their teams have well over 100 years’ experience in the field of printing and process management which guarantees customers a formidable one stop proficiency shop.

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